One Day follows the consumption, packaging, volume and costs associated with being a medically fragile child in America.

Details on the process

YOU ARE INVITED to participant in an ongoing ART project. Volunteers are asked to collect ALL waste material used in the care of their medically fragile family member during a 24-hour period. This could include recyclable material, packaging, feeding supplies, and medications. As well as needles, vials, port or central line care, suction, and trach supplies. Diapers, pull-ups and wipes are excluded at this time. 


The underlying purpose for this very important and ongoing project is to give a voice and a visibility to an often overlooked minority. With ideas of consumption, identity and both personal and political advocacy; I envision an increased awareness for our community. 


1) Free shipping is offered through FedEx. Paying for your own shipping as a donation to the One Day project is greatly appreciated. Contact for more information. 

2) Collect the waste from your medically fragile family member(s) for 24 hours. No need to clean, rinse, sterilize or alter waste before shipment.

3) Include your child's name, age and date of collection. 

4) Ship your collection.

5) Receive a digital file of your One Day project to share throughout social media, letters to your representatives and others. You will also receive 1 - 8x10 artist proof of your collection.

6) Please share and spread the word. Advocacy and Activism is powerful in numbers.