Holly D. Gray's photographic and sculptural works are absorbed in the daily emotional and physical labors that are predominately assumed by female caregivers. As the caregiver to a child with disabilities, she isolates unique aspects of that identity within her work. She questions gendered assumptions based on the role that was chosen for her. The materials that Gray uses are rooted in the daily care for children with multiple disabilities and many times those materials are sourced in collaboration with the mothers of medically fragile children so similar to herself. She represents the acts of repetitive labor and memorialization with her collection of objects over a measured and set amount of time.


Gray earned her B.F.A. in photography from The University of Texas at Arlington and will complete her M.F.A. there in 2019. She is a recipient of the McDowell Center Innovative Project Award for Visual Artists and the NAPP Photoshop World Travel Award. She has exhibited throughout US, most recently her solo exhibition at Umbrella Gallery in Dallas.