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Mixing Cyanotype Chemicals - Part One

Behind the scenes, while I prep Cyanotype chemicals. I feel like a mad scientist every time I start mixing this magical powder! This is Potassium Ferricyanide, one of the ingredients that make up the alternative process of cyanotype image-making.

I have new works in progress with my favorite light-sensitive material and I can't wait to share!

Creating Work After Grad School

My studio practice this summer has been fast and furious coming off of grad school. The pace of that dense critique setting was bonkers, but it was my groove for the last 3 years. I'm wondering when I will give myself time to breathe?

Creating Work After Grad School -

July is here... the deadlines of August are approaching, and the pull of adjunct life will start.

Time is frail and always has been for my little family. Counting down to deadlines, the next thing, milestones, surgeries, spending as much time as possible with C, organizing and of course creating. Maybe the limits of time are real, but maybe they're all in my head.

Post MFAHolly D. Gray
Photography for Artists - Make your life easier!

Summer has SO many projects on the burner! One thing that I've been working on over the last several weeks is updating my portfolio website and adjusting my reach into workshops, visiting lectures, and services geared toward artists.

Part of my overhaul is to set up services geared toward artists and creatives.

  • Documentation services

  • Headshots

  • Opening reception photography

  • Gallery and exhibition documentation

  • Lifestyle and studio shoots

  • Social media imagery

  • Website photography

Holly D Gray - Services for artists and creatives Photographing Charlyn Reynolds Glassworks

By offering my colleagues and fellow artists the power of photography, I can take image creation off of their shoulders which ultimately allows more studio time.

Being a helpful resource for artists is something that I've been doing for several years now. Turning my love of boosting artists up with fabulous imagery is really exciting and rewarding.

You've worked hard! Don't forget to capture and hold onto that hard work!

Reach out below for pricing information and available packages.

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My First Saggar Pottery Firing - Raku Kiln

This past weekend I was able to participate in a Saggar ceramic firing at Windstorm Studio. The saggar process speaks to my love of the unknown when it comes to art-making. Reminiscent of the surprises found in Holga photography, Saggar pottery is full of colorful wonderment.

Saggar Pottery Bisque Firing HollyDGray

A thin coating of Ferric Chloride on bisque ware… throw in some organic material, copper wire, steel wool and a heavy dose of salt and you’ve got the recipe. Wrap your ingredients in foil and fire away. The whole firing took around 20 minutes.

Saggar Firing Pottery HollyDGray

What I was left with was a combination of beautiful reds, pinks, greens and browns.

Saggar Pottery Hollydgray

All that was left to do was a quick wash and a light sanding. Beautiful. I can’t wait to try this process with my sculptural works. It’s SO satisfying. Many many thanks to Windstorm Studio for having me over!

Collective Vision - Fort Worth Art Collectives Join Forces

Last week the Fort Worth Weekly showcased the Collective Vision of Fort Worth’s art scene. I’m proud to be the newest member of the Fort Worth Art Collective, which is Fort Worth’s oldest art collective. This coming year we will celebrate ten years as a collective. Getting out into my community has been one of the biggest goals post-MFA, and for this omnivert, it’s been something that I need to work on. I’m excited to see the growth of all the art-related groups in Fort Worth. I’m thrilled that we are working together to create a grassroots movement in our hometown and I’m absolutely sure that doors will open throughout the city for artists, businesses and citizens to work together to make our community brighter and definitely more beautiful.

Fort Worth Weekly Collective Vision