From the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Holly D. Gray grew up in a small town just outside of Fort Worth. She spent much of her early years practicing the piano, mothering anything that conceded, and making sure to always color in the lines. Gray’s practice is focused on repetitive female labor both emotional and physical, and social commentary stemming from being the primary caregiver to a child who has multiple disabilities. Her work explores the meaning and social conventions of gendered assumptions, the act of time, and what it is to be a person living as other in our modern world.

Currently residing in Arlington, Texas, Gray has a B.F.A. in photography (2006) from The University of Texas at Arlington and in 2019 she completed her M.F.A. at The University of Texas at Arlington, a multi-discipline program. She is a visiting artist for the Gallery and Studio Connections program at The Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. Gray is a recipient of the McDowell Center Innovative Project Award for Visual Artists and the NAPP Photoshop World Travel Award. She has exhibited solo and group shows nationally, most recently her solo exhibition at the Umbrella Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

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